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Services for Medical Providers

Revenue Cycle Management of International Claims (Billing and Collections)

Funding of International Medical Claims

Credit Risk Mitigation of Unknown Payers  

MD Capital Solutions' geographic focus is in the Americas, where it holds a client portfolio that consists of rated and unrated international medical and travel insurance companies, as well as hospitals that outsource their processes that involve their international claims management cycle. In 2015, the Company managed, and adjudicated, approximately $25MM in medical claims for its clients..

A key feature of the services provided by MD Capital Solutions consists of bridging the business cultures and linguistic barriers of local providers and global payers. MD Capital Solutions’ control of the claims cycle is key to its ability to exercise optimal diligence, reduce the financial risk to the stakeholders and serve as a CLEARINGHOUSE & FINANCE PLATFORM for international medical claims.

MD Capital Solutions’ capabilities include:

Claims processing, management and audit.                                                                                                

Claims and AR Underwriting.                                                                                                     

Discretionary pre-funding (“factoring”) of claims for hospital clients and professional groups and PPO networks in select markets.

MDCS’s ability to serve as a vertically integrated claims clearinghouse for hospitals and international insurance companies, AND a non-banking funding source for claims generated by hospital clients to foreign insurers makes for a unique, highly profitable, positioning in the international medical finance value chain.