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Bridging Culture Gaps and Challenges in Healthcare

Services for Insurers

In MD Capital Solutions, we take care of your health and save your money. You should only take your bags and enjoy the travel.

Under our corporate umbrella MDabroad was established in 2000. We developed a role of unquestionable leadership in the health care industry as the first facilitator for the financial needs of hospitals, providers, and other international health industry payers.

We have all the tools and experience to provide quality services in terms of health and economic support in containing costs.
Additionally, our partners in health services, includes the most prestigious hospitals and clinics in worldwide.

Direct Cashless Access of Members to Contracted Providers

24/7 assistance for insured beneficiaries travelling out of country

Bridging business culture and linguistic barriers

International and prestigious Provider Network

Cost Containment                                          

Removal of credibility gap with unknown providers

Case management for patients hospitalized while travelling out of country

As claims clearinghouse, MDabroad earns a fee (percentage) of all claims handled.

Stakeholders accomplish their primary business goals